Design Support for Returning Clients

Below are the design support options I offer to returning clients ONLY. To inquire on availability, which option you’ll need, and booking, please reach out via email: 

Custom Design

VIP Full-Day


(50% deposit to reserve date)

Your VIP Full-Day Includes:

Custom Design

VIP Half-Day


(50% deposit to reserve date)

Your VIP Half-Day Includes:

"Tune-up" session

VIP Quarter-Day



Your Tune-Up Session Includes:

Need ongoing support?

I offer both WordPress Website Monthly Maintenance Plans ($175/month) and recurring VIP Retainer Sessions (for limited number of clients) on an ongoing basis. Please reach out to learn more at 

Not sure which VIP session you need? Here are a few examples:

Full-Day's are good for:
  • extensive updates to your website (reworking pages, adding new pages, refreshing branding, etc.)
  • longer sales page or collection of sales pages/funnel pages
  • new business branding and website project (may need multiple days)
Half-Day's are good for:
  • longer list of updates to your website or sales page (more photos/graphics changes, adding new pages, etc.)
  • shorter sales page or a collection of landing pages
  • graphics template design
  • longer PDF/document design
Tune-Up's are good for:
  • short list of updates to your website or sales page (photos/graphics changes, adding sections, etc.)
  • short landing page (opt-in/registration pages)
  • social graphics
  • short PDF/document design

Not sure? Send me an email telling me what you need help with:

If we need to, we can also hop on a call to discuss. 🙂

To Book:

  1. select your service and payment option below
  2. select a date & time for your service 
  3. complete and submit the form (the invoice will then show up)
  4. pay the invoice (via credit card or Paypal) 

After scheduling you’ll receive an appointment confirmation email, for the half-day, you’ll also receive an email with the VIP Day Service contract to be signed.

Sometimes the below form takes a few seconds to load. If you have any questions or technical problems, please email me at to get it sorted out!

Need to book a date quicker than what you see available? Email me to see if there any openings available due to reschedules: 

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