She Loves Her Biz

Project Size:

2 VIP Days

Brand Design
Website Design
Sales Page Design

Platform: WordPress with Elementor

  • Logo
  • Brand Colors, Fonts, Patterns
  • Homepage
  • 2 Sales Pages
  • 2 Booking Pages
  • Connected Email Opt-In

“I now have a website that I can feel very proud of, and that definitely reflects my brand!”

Working with Christi helped me to understand my ideal client even better, and she used those insights to communicate the value of my offer. I expect to recoup the cost of this website within very little time, it was well worth the investment! Christi is the professional designer you have been looking for. She has a great system, is highly organized, and you can 100% count on her to deliver.
Audra King
She Loves Her Biz
She Loves Her Biz Website
She Loves Her Biz Sales Page
She Loves Her Biz Brand Board

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