Dementia By Day

Project Size:

3.5 VIP Days

Website Design
Sales Page Design

Platform: WordPress with Elementor / WooCommerce

  • Homepage
  • About Page
  • Work with Me Page
  • Service Sales Page
  • 2 Booking Pages
  • Learn Page
  • Blog Page
  • Blog Post Template
  • Podcast Page
  • Podcast Post Template
  • Products Shop Page
  • Product Post Template
  • Support Pages

Partnership Project with She Loves Her Biz (Biz & Brand Strategy)

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"What a relief to have someone else build my site for me."

What a RELIEF to have someone else build my site for me. I knew I'd maxed out my abilities to do more with the site, but it wasn't until I saw all the details that Christi had put together did I really realize HOW much I needed her!
Rachael Wonderlin
Dementia By Day
Rachael Wonderlin website
Rachael Wonderlin website

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