Hey, I know you...

...you put your heart into what you do...

...you work hard to support yourself, your family, and your dreams...

...and you have big goals to help more people and make a bigger impact.

BUT, you need help—your current design just isn't cutting it.

I get it, and I’m here to help you.

christi cooper smiling

I’m Christi Cooper and I’m the principal designer and creative strategist here at Cooper & Heart Creative. I work with business-owners and organizations like you—who are driven by their passion to do impactful work and make a difference in the lives of those they serve.

I believe your graphics should not only look good, but also work for you.

Using my signature “Heart & Goals” design approach, I help my clients by creating beautiful brand graphics, websites and sales pages that are strategically designed to help them attract their people and achieve their goals—not just look “pretty” (though that’s cool too).

My Heart & Goals Approach

I seek to connect with the heart of your business—your values and personality—and combine that with your goals and vision—to create designs that represent you, speak to your people, and get you closer to your goals.

I know a thing or two about design.

I’ve been working in the design industry since 1999 (yep, since I was a teenager), including 12 years at a design agency. I have years of experience managing and working on a wide range of projects for small and large businesses alike. I’ve worked on everything from branding and magazines to signs and exhibit graphics to websites and sales pages over the years and I now currently focus on conversion-focused design in the online space as what I really love to do.

I love to learn.

I have formal design training thru my BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Central Oklahoma where I graduated summa cum laude (yeah, I might be a little bit of a nerd). But I also am an avid learner of new things—I’m constantly reading up on marketing, sales, and design, learning about the latest design trends, and figuring out new tech applications.

I strive (imperfectly) for harmony between my biz and family life.

While I’m far from achieving a perfect balance, somehow I manage to fit a lot in on most days! When I’m not designing awesome stuff for my clients or doing all-the-biz-things, you’ll find me drinking coffee (with sweet creamer, yum!) and chasing my young’ins around (two brilliant little girls). During (rare) quiet moments, I’ll sneak in a little yoga or catch up on my reading, and in the evenings my husband and I chill and watch our latest TV show obsession or play a fun board game.

cooper family

A few fun facts...

Me and my husband
Me dancing
Reading to my daughter
Dressed up as Star Wars characters
Hiking with my husband

Core Values

Excellence – Responsibility – Generosity

Excellence — Take pride in high quality work, deliver the best service possible, and always strive for improvement—there’s so much room for creativity here.

Responsibility — Be honest, own mistakes, be willing to learn, and take part in making the world a better place for everyone—particularly those from diverse backgrounds, including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and women.

Generosity — Give value, be generous, remember we’re all human and to be kind and compassionate to others—sharing and giving is such a powerful action we can take.

pink heart
I believe in supporting organizations focused on making our world a better place—encouraging diversity, increasing education opportunities, and working toward equity and justice for BIPOC.

I give a small percentage of my profits to charities every month, here are some of my favorites:

christi smiling

When you become a client, you’re more than just another project to me.

I strive to make our work together flow as smoothly as possible—from onboarding to project communications to post-project support—I’ve got your back and truly care about your success. Because when you succeed, that means you’re helping more of your people, and I just love being a part of that (gives me all the warm-fuzzy feelings)!

"...I was so worried about someone not 'getting me'. But, you totally did..."

I was worried about working with a designer because I was so worried about someone not "getting me". But, you totally did—you accepted all my feedback in the spirit it was intended, there was no awkwardness or frustration, I didn't have to chase you for anything—it was just so easy.
Allana Robinson
Allana Robinson
Uncommon Sense Parenting

"Our sales page converted higher than industry standard...

You were organized, punctual in your communication and you produced beautiful design! Our sales page converted higher than industry standard and had a 5-figure launch during the first enrollment period. In addition, we received so many compliments on the design. I was so very impressed by your work!
Reina Pomeroy
Reina + Co

"...your quality of work is beyond reproach..."

I have worked with over 75 graphic designers over the last 10 years and you created the best experience out of all of them. You communicated clearly, always accommodated, and made the job stress free. Also, your quality of work is beyond reproach. You were awesome at hearing a vision and taking it to concept and final product which is a skill in itself.
George Bryant
The Civilized Caveman

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