You put your heart into your work and I put the heart into your design.

Helping coaches and expert-based businesses gain more leads, sales, and impact.

Hi! I’m Christi Cooper.

I’m the founder, designer and creative strategist here at Cooper & Heart Creative.

I design with heart so that, together, we can create more impact.

What does “designing with heart” mean though? Well, it means a couple things:

you, and your business, are more than “just another project” to me. I care about what you’re trying to achieve and cheer for you when you find success. Because when you succeed, that means you’re helping more of your people, and I just love being a part of that (gives me all the warm-fuzzy feelings)!

when we work together, part of my creative process is that I’m feeling out the heart of your brand—the uniqueness that makes you YOU—the vibe and personality, your values, and how you make your people feel, all go into creating the best possible design for your business.

I often say I have a


(or two)...

I have the ability to intuitively understand YOUR vision, vibe and personality and then bring it to life in your design easily…like MAGIC!

How do I do this? Well…I don’t have some big unrelated story that ties into why I’m good at what I do.

Because the reality is…I’m a RARE BIRD.

Design has been part of my life for almost as long as I can remember.

Combining this passion for design with my compassion for people and my keen observational skills (I’m a high introvert with SUPER attention to detail…ISFJ anyone?) has allowed me to cultivate the design “superpowers” I have now.

Allowing me to…
…UNDERSTAND you and your people’s perspectives…
…VISUALIZE the “feelings” we want the solution to look like…
…and then NAILING your personality-infused brand and website design on the first try.

On top of all that—I bring another superpower to the table:

The ability to understand your business and marketing goals and KNOW how your design can help you achieve them.

Because you’re in business to MAKE MONEY and there’s no point in a beautiful brand and website that doesn’t help you get leads and sales (am I right?!).

I LOVE using all my skills and superpowers to help my amazing clients get closer to their dream goals and I’d love to help you too…

Cooper family photo

Enough about the biz-side of things, what else do you want to know about me?

When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my husband of 22+ years and our 2 brilliant daughters here in Colorado where we love to hike, explore, and play board games (where I usually kick butt, LOL!).

I also am a bit of a fantasy/sci-fi geek (you’ll often find me devouring a good kindle novel), and I love dancing, yoga, and sipping on a yummy latte.

Some fun facts...

I moved to Colorado to hike in the mountains!

I'm a competitive board game nerd (let's play!)

I'm an ISFJ, Enneagram 3, and #1 Learner.

Dark chocolate and gooey brownies are the yummiest!

I started Taekwondo again (after 23 year hiatus).

I’m into geeky things (sci-fi, fantasy, superhero).

Reading novels on my ipad is a daily thing.

Dance is a must (bellydance, folk dance & more!)

Yoga feeds my soul and keeps me grounded.

I’m far from perfect, everyone makes mistakes, but I’m always…

...striving to be a good human.

I believe: science is real, love is love, Black lives matter, feminism is for everyone, trans rights are human rights, no human being is illegal, and kindness matters.

Core Values

Excellence – Responsibility – Generosity

Excellence — Take pride in high quality work, deliver the best service possible, and always strive for improvement—there’s so much room for creativity here.

Responsibility — Be honest, own mistakes, be willing to learn, and take part in making the world a better place for everyone—particularly those from diverse backgrounds, including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and women.

Generosity — Give value, be generous, remember we’re all human and to be kind and compassionate to others—sharing and giving is such a powerful action we can take.

Interested in working together?

I’d love to help you create a personality-infused design that you LOVE and gets you more leads, sales, and impact! Click below to book a call to see if we’re a good fit.