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creating designs that coaches, consultants, and service providers LOVE to share with their people

Is your current website or sales page helping you sell?

Probably not if any of these sound familiar...

You’re NOT CONFIDENT sharing your offers because your brand and website doesn’t “feel right” or “look like you.”

You AVOID sending people to your website because it’s confusing and outdated (maybe even embarrassing).

NO ONE is booking calls or buying from you, even though you know you have traffic going to your sales page.

I hear you.

If you don’t feel great sharing your website or sales page with the world—or when you do share it you're not seeing results—you’re not connecting with the people you want to help and you’re missing out on sales.

How would it be different if you were EXCITED to share your website and sales pages instead?

Knowing that they uniquely represent you, present a professional image, and have been optimized for your goals.

You would then...

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Feel CONFIDENT as the expert you are.

(Kinda like wearing a professional outfit to give a presentation instead of shorts and a tank top.)

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CONNECT with the people you love to serve.

(Because they resonate with who YOU are and clearly understand how you can help them.)

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Have a bigger IMPACT and make more SALES.

(What we all really want in our businesses—to help more people and live the life we love!)

Let's Transform Your Website or Sales Page...

Design isn't really your area of expertise but you know you want to look GOOD and feel like your website and sales pages represent you while effectively attracting and guiding your ideal clients to buy.

Now, what if you could also get your design DONE in a day (or 2)?

Yep, it’s totally possible.

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“Design Done in a Day” is a VIP intensive service that gives you an exclusive, highly-focused day in my schedule so we can get your sales page, website, or simple brand design done quickly and beautifully. This fun and collaborative process gets you AMAZING design results in a fraction of the time a traditional project typically takes so you can move forward in your business.

What can we work on in a day (or two)?

Sales Page

Convert visitors to buyers with a beautiful, conversion-focused sales page design.


Attract more leads and clients by upgrading your website from “meh” to “YES! I love it!”

Brand Design

Feel confident and stand out from the crowd with a brand design that uniquely reflects you.

It’s completely possible to LOVE your design and not wait forever to get it done. Let’s work together!

SO, Who am i?

Hi there!

I’m Christi Cooper, owner, creative strategist and principal designer of Cooper & Heart Creative and I LOVE putting my 23+ years of design-industry experience to work for businesses like yours.

I know you need a designer you can trust with your vision and who understands your marketing goals so I take all that into account to create beautiful and strategic designs that connect with your audience in an impactful way.

I also take your business to heart personally as I truly care about your success and strive to provide you the very best level of service I can.

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Client Love notes

"...I was so worried about someone not 'getting me'. But, you totally did..."

I was worried about working with a designer because I was so worried about someone not "getting me". But, you totally did—you accepted all my feedback in the spirit it was intended, there was no awkwardness or frustration, I didn't have to chase you for anything—it was just so easy.
Allana Robinson
Allana Robinson
Uncommon Sense Parenting

"Our sales page converted higher than industry standard...

You were organized, punctual in your communication and you produced beautiful design! Our sales page converted higher than industry standard and had a 5-figure launch during the first enrollment period. In addition, we received so many compliments on the design. I was so very impressed by your work!
Reina Pomeroy
Reina + Co

"...ever-reliable source of on-point branding for my growing business..."

Christi is amazing. In her I've found a solid, trust-worthy and ever-reliable source of on-point branding for my growing business. She's someone I can count on because she makes me feel like she actually cares about my business and gets the vision I have for it. CANNOT recommend Christi or her services enough.
Britt Bolnick
In Arms Coaching

Ready to turn your vision into reality?